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Claims are the moment of truth for insurance brokers.

We at Safe Hands Insurance Group Pty Ltd are here to assist you with the entire claim process,making it a priority to ensure that any claim you need lodged is  handled in a professional and efficient manner.  More precisely; we will assist with the lodgement, negotiations and settlement of any claims.

We do this by:

  1. Listening to you regarding the circumstances of your claim, and advising you regarding the policy coverage.
  2. Assisting you with  claims procedures and any documentation required.
  3. Lodging your claim with insurers.
  4. Monitoring the assessment of your claim and negotiating settlement with the insurer to ensure the best possible outcome.
  5. Keeping you updated with the progress of your claim throughout the settlement .

The following process should be adopted if an accident or loss occurs:

  • Contact the  Police if  a crime has taken place. Do not forget to request a copy of their report and the event/incident number.
  • Contact Safe Hands Insurance Group as soon as possible.
  • Do not make any statements and/or admit liability
  • Complete and return the appropriate claim form. Please remember to attach as much supporting documentation. This can include but is not limited to: repair quotes,original valuation/receipts (or other proof of ownership).
  • Take reasonable measures to protect damaged property against further loss or damage
  • Wherever possible, do not commit to any repairs or replacement unless and until authorised,unless failure to do so will likely lead to further damage/loss (such as a broken window).

We shall provide the following in the event of a claim:

  1. Emergency instructions at the time of your  contact with us.
  2. Claim forms and advice on lodgingnew claims
  3. Advice on what document/s will be required to support your claim
  4. The submition of claims directly to the insurer in a detailed and professional manner
  5. We shall inform you on how the claim is progressing when required
  6. Recommendations on  the appointment of other professional advisers if necessary
  7. We wll actively work with your insurer or their agent/s to resolve and negotiate your claim effectively and promptly
  8. Arrangment for progressive payments of large claims
  9. Ensure timely receipt of settlement cheques (or EFT) from your insurer
  10. Ongoing reviews of the claim at hand to ensure the procedure is travelling smoothly
  11. Act on your behalf to ensure you receive an optimum and fair claim settlement

To lodge a new claim, please call us on 1300 744 442, complete the relevant claim form below, or email claims@safehandsinsurance.com.au.  In the event of an emergency,  our Managing Director can be contacted any time on 0401 783 131.