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Asbestos Insurance

What is asbestos?

Simply put, Asbestos is a mineral that has was considered to be very versatile and useful in many areas, including insulation, panelling and even the construction of furniture. Unfortunately, due to the jagged edges of the fibres themselves, it is hazardous to inhale any asbestos. Inhalation of these fibres can lead to illnesses and death, which is why the removal of asbestos is such an important field. However, the area of asbestos removal also poses significant risks, and having asbestos insurance coverage is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business and yourself.

Do I need Public liability insurance when working with asbestos?

Yes. If you fail to include this in your cover, and you have a problem when doing repairs/ working with asbestos, then your claim is likely to be denied by most insurance companies. Including this in your cover is smart, especially if you foresee yourself working with asbestos in any way; this protects you and your company.

Is getting asbestos insurance a difficult process?

No. Here at Safe Hands Insurance, we are committed to helping you find the right insurance – cover tailored for you. Naturally, however, to assist us in doing this, we will need from you information such as your experience, your qualifications and your license details. This ensures that we can provide the highest quality service for you and your business- and a plan that is tailor made to suit you.

Who we cover?

  • Licensed asbestos removalists
  • Asbestos transportation
  • Licenced waste landfills
  • Sampling and testing of asbestos
  • People working with asbestos

We can assist both Class A (Friable Asbestos) license holders and Class B (non friable – “bonded”) license holders, plus also asbestos assessor’s.

What we cover?

  • Statutory Liability extension
  • Professional Indemnity extension
  • Asbestos liability
  • Public and Products liability
  • Errors and Omissions extension
  • Contractors’ Environmental Liability extension

Why organise asbestos insurance through us?

  • We are a highly qualified team, with the support of many insurers in the market.
  • We have a great many years of experience working with Australian businesses
  • Claims are based and managed in Australia
  • All policies we provide are done in accordance with Australia’s General Insurance Code of Practice.

If you work with asbestos it's vital that you have appropriate asbestos insurance, otherwise any claim you make is likely to be denied by most insurance companies.