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Go kart insurance

Go karting can bring out the competitive streak in all of us. You can’t help but feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you wait for the signal to commence your race. Go karting may make you push your limits and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and with that brings an enormous thrill.

With speeding around a track comes a massive rush of adrenaline, along with an element of risk; all of which we are sure that you, the business owner, have done your best to address. However, with that in mind, risk cannot be eliminated in its entirety.

We are here to provide you with peace of mind that you and your customers, employees and business will weather any storm that may be thrown your way.

Go Kart insurance to protect your business

Some risks that may occur in the go karting industry are:

• collision between go karts
• injury to customer/s, employees or yourself
• malicious or accidental damage to go karts or track • water and fire damage to your building

And that is just to name a few. Our go kart insurance package includes:

• Public Liability
• Workers Compensation
• Property (including the go karts)

Please call us for more information or to arrange an appointment to discuss a go kart insurance package that meets all your requirements for your business.

Go kart insurance can help protect your business.