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Laser tag insurance

Is there anything that gets your heart pumping quite like laser tag? The rush of adrenaline, the competition, the anticipation of your opponents’ movements and the dreaded moment when you yourself get tagged by your rival.

Whether you choose to loan wolf it or be part of a team, laser tag is exhilarating. Time seems to melt away while in the confines of your arena due to the amount of fun being had by all.

In most situations, everyone who participates comes out completely fine maybe just a little out of breath and red in the face. However, sometimes the fun bubble gets burst when somebody gets injured. This can cause a serious downer for the customer and a potential problem for you, the business owner.

Laser tag insurance can help protect you and your business

Aside from the potential risk of customer injury, there are other matters at play, such as:

  • damage to property (including the laser tag guns) 
  • malfunctioning equipment
  • employee injury
  • loss of business due to a myriad of reasons

And that is just to name a few. As you are in the industry, we are sure you are already aware of the associated risks that come with it. We provide an extensive laser tag insurance package tailored to your needs. Here, at Safe Hands Insurance Group, we know what it takes to provide comprehensive insurance that meets your requirements.

For laser tag insurance, we provide:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property

Do the right thing by you and your business; contact us for more information, or to organise an appointment to discuss your laser tag insurance needs.

Laser tag may be fun, but risks aren't. Protect your business with laser tag insurance.