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Paintball insurance

Adrenaline, competition, challenge and adventure are words that may come to mind when you hear “paintball”. Paintball is not only for the daring who enjoy extreme sports; it is for anyone looking for a serious amount of excitement. You get the chance to explore different areas while putting your skills to the test.

It’s obvious that shooting paintballs at people carries risk. While pain and bruises generally go hand in hand with paintball, as a business owner we are sure you have the appropriate equipment and extensive safety measures in place to mitigate the pain and bruises to avoid any actual serious damage to your customers.

This, however, is on the basis that they chose to follow your safety measures by donning their safety goggles, helmets, etc. However, if they happen to take them off and get hit by a paintball, the fun can quickly come to an end for all.

The risks associated with running a paintball operation include, but are not limited to, injury of a customer. Other risks can be:

  • damage to property (including the paintball guns)
  • damage to equipment
  • damage or loss of safety/required clothing
  • injury to an employee
  • water or fire damage
  • customer may slip over and become injured

Protect yourself with paintball insurance

All of the above can put a financial strain on you and your business, however, with the right insurance, that will be kept to a minimum. Here at Safe Hands Insurance Group, we go above and beyond in meeting the requirements of your business to ensure you are covered for any potential scenario that may pop up.

For paintball insurance, we provide:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation • Property

Please contact us for more information, or to organise an appointment to make sure your paintball insurance concerns.

Safe Hands can help you with your paintball insurance needs.