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Petting zoo insurance

Children and adults alike have soft spots for mobile animal farms and petting zoos. How could you not feel at peace in the presence of such beautiful animals? Mobile farms provide hours of enjoyment for all, as well as learning experiences of patience and gentleness.

Amid all the joy and entertainment from spending time with farm animals, there is also an element of risk. As mobile animal farms tend to attract young families, children make up a significant portion of those spending time in the little make-do farms, and although they mean well, they can easily agitate the animals or hurt themselves and the animals alike.

Beyond the potential risk associated with children (and adults in some cases), there are other risks such as:

  • damage to property (yours, or someone else's)
  • animals hurt in transportation
  • animals may escape
  • animals may get sick
  • customers may be harmed by the animals
  • costly veterinarian fees
  • animals being fed inappropriate food from a ‚Äėparticipant
  • spread of disease and infection from insufficient use of soaps

Petting zoo insurance can help protect you from the risks

We understand that you love and protect the animals that are under your care, but they are exposed to various risks and could pose a potential risk to your customers, property and employees.

You may also experience loss of business if any of your transportation vehicles are damaged, your set-up is damaged, or an employee or customer hurts themselves in any way within your farm set-up. The point is, every industry has the potential for risk and unwanted or unanticipated occurrences. That's where we come in. We are a boutique insurance brokerage and we pride ourselves on our service. We ensure we meet all your needs as every business is unique

When it comes to mobile animal farm insurance, or petting zoo insurance, look no further; we provide:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property
  • Vehicle Insurance

Please contact us for more information, or to organise an appointment to discuss your petting zoo insurance needs.