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Indoor Play Centres & Trampoline Parks

If you are in the business of having fun (and that’s why play centres and trampoline parks are about), then we have the right insurance for you!

Indoor Play Centres & Trampoline Parks are the new hot thing to hit Australia, and with new centres opening up at an alarming rate, it is best to make sure your business is properly covered with insurance.

As with any activity centre, there are a large number of risks associated with the opening and daily running of play centres and trampoline parks, therefore ‘fit for purpose’ insurance coverage is a must – something that can only be provided by a broker that understands your business!

Many of the larger insurance agencies and brokerages just do not understand your industry and many direct insurers either don’t provide cover or do so at ridiculous rates thanks to the relative freshness of the industry and the (often sensationalised) perceived risk of injury.

Here at Safe Hands, however, we believe that the greater perceived risk means the greater need for in-depth protection. The select range of insurers with whom we recommend understand your business, meaning that we can provide broad cover at very reasonable rates.

If you own just one location or a network of play centres/trampoline parks, we believe we can provide the best insurance package to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and to arrange an obligation free consultation today!

Indoor Play Centre Insurance

When you’re in the business of having a ball, we all know it is best to make sure everyone involved (including you) are safe and well protected.

As you are aware, any business that deals with children and/or active equipment is one which needs to have a rigorous safety management plan. This is not only for the safety of your clients and staff, but also to protect you and your business from any legal or ethical liability should something go awry.

While we here at Safe Hands Insurance Group are sure that your duty of care and safety plans are in force, the unfortunate truth is that accidents can and do happen. Children, parents and employees can get hurt, equipment can be damaged, and any manner of unforeseen incidents can damage your play centre’s reputation and your bank account.

One way to negate these risks is to make sure you are properly covered by a respected and reputable insurance company. That is where Safe Hands Insurance comes in. Through our selected panel of insurers that understand the indoor play centre industry, we can offer public and products liability, property equipment, machinery breakdown, vehicles, workers compensation (and the list goes on).

If you want or need any more information, please don’t hesitate to email us at admin@safehandsinsurance.com.au, or call 1300 SHIG IB / (1300 744 442).

Safe Hands Insurance specialises in play centre insurance and trampoline park insurance.