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Insurance for Tradespeople

We all know that a Tradies tools are their lifeblood

It is widely known that a tradiesā€™ tools are imperative for their job. If something happens to your tools, your vehicles, or your person, you need to make sure you are covered. A stolen truck (whether it is full of tools or not), a car accident, or a workplace accident could spell the end of your business, not to mention the long term effects on your family and your reputation.

InsuranceĀ for tools, equipment and vehicles is necessary for any field, but for tradespeople, it is imperative (and often required for entry to work sites). Insurance for tradespeople not only protects your business but safeguards you and your families future. Safe Hands Insurance has been working with tradies since its establishment, and we know exactly what is important to you. But more importantly, we listen to and act on your concerns.

We can provide cover for all your trades insurance needs; including but by no means limited to:

  • Tools of trade
  • Income Protection
  • Motor vehicles/trailers
  • Public Liability
  • Subcontractors Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

So what are you waiting for!?

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Safe Hands Insurance provides insurance solutions for tradespeople